17 April

Royal visit update: Prince William and Kate and royals and Prince George and royals royals royals (royals)


Words by Andrew P Street
Art by Natalie Lau

Dear the Internet,

So, where are the Royals going? Are they looking happy? Interested? Scared? Bored? Will William look more or less bored when he’s our King?

For the first time in decades popular support for the monarchy is over 50%, especially – bafflingly – among 18-24 year olds. And it’s basically down to the fact that Prince William is sort of handsome in an early-receding-hairline sort of a way, his wife Kate Middleton is upper-class hot, and that neither of them have said anything egregiously racist (as per the Duke of Edinburgh) or batshit crazy (as per Prince Charles), and neither of them look perpetually grumpy even when they’re surrounded by a flotilla in their honour, as per our current monarch.

And you’d forget that other things are happening in the world, like the fact that gunfire is being exchanged in the Ukraine as the army attempts to remove Russian-affiliated separatists in the east of

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14 April

William, Kate and baby George will land in Sydney this week

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Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are due to hit Sydney this week, and fittingly, their first stop will be the Sydney Opera House on Wednesday afternoon for a reception hosted by NSW Governor Marie Bashir and NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell.

Sydneysiders will be able to catch a glimpse of the royal couple (and perhaps baby Prince George) at the Opera House Forecourt from midday.

The Duke and Duchess will spend a total of five days in town, and their stay will also include visits to the the Royal Easter Show, Admiralty House, the Blue Mountains, Taronga Zoo, the Easter Sunday service at St Andrew’s Cathedral and Manly Beach.

Wednesday 16 April 2014
Opera House

Thursday 17 April 2014
Blue Mountains

Friday 18 April 2014
Easter Show and Manly

Sunday 20 April 2014
St Andrew’s Cathedral before heading to Taronga Zoo

For a full run down check out the NSW Government site.… Read more

10 April

Sephora is coming to Sydney

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sephoraSephora will be opening up its first stand-alone store in Sydney CBD in 2015

If a brand of make up exists in the world, Sephora has it. That’s the appeal of this global beauty retailer, owned by the French conglomerate LVMH, which reports annual sales of $4.4 billion across its 1,400 stores worldwide.

First set up in Paris in 1970, Sephora is the place to shop for basket-loads of skincare products, fragrances, styling tools and hundreds of make up brands. And soon Australian shoppers will be able to share in the megastore’s discounted prices.

According to the Australian Financial Review, the retailer has turned down offers to set up concession stores within Myer and David Jones and it has opted to launch its own branches instead. Sephora is looking to open as many as 25 stores in Australia, with the flagship store likely to be located in Westfield Shopping Centre, George Street or Pitt Street.… Read more

9 April

Game of Cones at Gelato Messina

It’s a pretty good match-up: the show that people can’t stop talking about and the gelato people can’t stop lining up for. Yes, to celebrate season four Gelato Messina have launched a range of five gelato flavours based on characters from HBO’s Game of Thrones series and the novels by George RR Martin.

There’s the Khaleesi – “Yoghurt mango gelato with dragon fruit purée. Sweet mother of all dragons, a real ‘melt in your mouth’ flavour.”
Hmm, I can see the resemblance.

Then there’s the Tyrion – “Raspberry custard gelato smashed with raspberry SHORTbread. The only thing short about this flavour is the bread . . . and the character it was inspired by.”
A cheap shot at the Imp’s height there, guys. Be careful: a Lannister always pays his debts. And if the raspberry custard turns to ashes in your mouth, you’ll know the debt has been paid.… Read more

3 April

So, Australia, when did racism become OK again?


Written by Andrew P Street
Art by Robert Polmear

Dear the Internet,

So: when did we all get so cool with being racist?

Gotta say, our national hatred of brown people really sneaked up on me, not least because I’m a white middle class straight man and therefore demographically the least likely sort of person to encounter open bigotry while at the same time being the most likely sort of person to angrily demand my right to dispense it.

Now, you might think I’m overreacting, but you know what? No, I’m not.

The biggest message that our government – and, let’s be clear, federal opposition – has put forward is that we need to Stop the Boats. And we all know why that is.

It’s certainly not because of the cost of dealing with asylum seekers, since it was orders of magnitude cheaper to house people in Australia, process their application and then either deport them or release them into the community, as opposed to the millions it’s costing us every month to use our Navy to drag ships back out to sea while we imprison people indefinitely on isolated islands where all food, water and fuel needs to be expensively shipped in.… Read more

3 April

Rockpool Bar and Grill closed after fire

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In bad news for lovers of grilled meats, vast collections of decorative glassware and wine lists as thick as phonebooks, Rockpool Bar and Grill will be closed until further notice following a kitchen fire on Wednesday night. There were no reported injuries and the building is still standing – this is why  we have fire drills – but it’s going to take some time to rebuild the kitchen and repair the damage. Sorry guys, but if you had your heart set on the rock flathead fillets with crazy water, a little Wagyu skirt steak and their show-stopping passionfruit pavlova, you’re going to have to wait, just a little bit longer.… Read more

2 April

The Fat Duck is closing, flying south to Melbourne

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Big news, Sydney. Heston Blumenthal, everybody’s favourite scientific chef and all-round nice guy, is moving to Melbourne for six months while his restaurant in Bray gets a spruce up. Weird? Only slightly. Here’s the full story…  Heston BlumenthalRead more

31 March

30 seconds to Mars in Sydney

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All photos by Daniel Boud

Jared Leto and his band 30 Seconds to Mars demonstrated they’re well versed in the ingredients that form a big bombastic arena rock show at their performance at Qantas Credit Union Arena on Saturday night.

Sing-along choruses? Check. Pyro, balloons, confetti? Check, check, check. Costume changes? You got ‘em.

There was the obligatory solo acoustic interlude, fans were brought onstage and the local crowd got a good pandering-to with chants of ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie’ and flag waving. And naturally the entire audience got to hold aloft their phones to illuminate the arena in a starry-sky fashion.

It sounds calculated, and it is, but recent Oscar-winner Jared Leto has the charisma, looks and unexpected good humour to carry it off in a rousingly entertaining fashion.











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20 March

The Seven Stages of Star Wars Disappointment



Words by Andrew P Street
Art by Robert Polmear

Dear the Internet,

So, it’s all confirmed: the seventh Star Wars film starts filming in May (the fourth, surely? C’mon!) and will be set thirty years after 1983’s Return of the Jedi.

It’s an all new story, not taking any cues from the wealth of books, video games, comics, toys, web content and depraved fever dreams that have sprung up in the interim to answer vital questions like “What happens to the guy who shot the tow cable at the AT-AT in The Empire Strikes Back?” and “How does Admiral Ackbar die?”* Which means that my mother may have been right: perhaps all that stuff was an embarrassing waste of money.

And part of me wants to believe that I’m over my Star Wars obsession now. I didn’t see the Clone Wars animated movie, I haven’t bought any of the newly-repackaced figures and I barely ever scour eBay for GameCubes so I can play X Wing Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader over and over again.… Read more

18 March

Then and now: Marrickville


By Andrew P Street

Sydney’s convicts knew that the Gumbramorra swamps around the Cooks River made for a great (if frequently deadly) escape route for fleeing the Sydney settlement,but by the early 1800s Thomas Moore had bought much of the area for timber – and his estate was bought and expanded by the colourful Dr Robert Wardell, who owned much of the area until his mysterious murder in 1834. It was then bought up by Thomas Chalder, who named his estate after Marrick, his North Yorkshire hometown. The area’s reputation as a cultural melting pot started early: after Marrick Estate was carved up, market gardeners, dairy farmers and stonemasons from Ireland, Italy, Germany, Greece, England and China flocked to the area because of its quarry and excellent water supply. The Municipality of Marrickville was gazetted in 1861 and by the late 1800s much of the area was being dug up for clay for brick- making – and with that, Marrickville became a staunchly working-class suburb.… Read more