19 September

David Byrne’s Imelda Marcos poperetta Here Lies Love coming to Sydney

Ruthie Ann Miles (center) and the cast of Here Lies Love.

David Byrne’s immersive poperetta Here Lies Love will have its Australian premiere as part of Vivid Sydney 2015, next May/June. Based on the life and times of notorious former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos, Here Lies Love invites the audience into the heady, hedonistic disco scene that Imelda frequented during her husband Ferdinand Marcos’s brutal and often bloody political reign. Instead of the usual theatre seats, the audience stands in David Korins’ modular, moving set for the duration of the 85-minute show, and are invited to bust a move to a score of catchy pop tunes concocted by Byrne and collaborator Fatboy Slim. Make no mistake, however: this is not a celebration of the Marcos regime.

The musical, created by Byrne (who has a long-standing obsession with the former first lady), is based on the concept album he and Fatboy Slim released in 2010 (and which they previewed as a song-cycle at Adelaide Festival in 2006).… Read more

18 September

Mariah Carey announces Australian tour

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Who you callin’ elusive? Mariah Carey will show her face to Australians in six locations this November as part of her Elusive Chanteuse Show world tour. The diva – who last played the country in 2013 when she hit the Gold Coast and Sydney in a quick whirlwind – will perform at Sydney’s Qantas Credit Union Arena on Mon Nov 10 to play the hits that have all been burned into our brains along with songs from her recent album Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse.

Tickets for the tour go on sale from 9am on Fri Sep 26.… Read more

16 September

Someone’s invented stain-proof clothing

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Fabricor Workwear Chef Jacket  - Chilli SauceGood news, chefs. Adrian Li has invented the kitchen equivalent to Post-it Notes: the stain resistant chef’s jacket. “The nanotechnology application that we apply modifies the fabric at a molecular level by permanently attaching hydrophobic ‘whiskers’ to individual fibers which elevate liquids, causing them to bead up and turn into spheres that roll off the fabric surface,” says Li, on his Kickstarter page. Sounds like magical science to us. Li also says most stains come out with a little cold water, and the material also breathes. No word on whether it’s stink-proof, though.


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16 September

The Adventures of Margaret and David – 5 stars

AtTheMovies1024[Hurry, season must end December 9]

Richard Linklater, step aside. Your cinematic experiment has been usurped. And it took a little under a fortnight.

Sure it was impressive in Boyhood to see young Ellar Coltrane grow over 12 years from 6 to 18, but that Oscar-tipped effort pales in comparison to the 28 years in which Australian cinema, television and audiences have grown up with Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton.

As the makers of this generation spanning epic have finally unveiled the first plans for the twist ending in which our heroes hand over their mantle of quality arbiters to the comments section of YouTube and a particularly artistic emoji, it is time to take stock of the genuine masterpiece that has stood the test of time and popcorn.

The pair of critics were cast in 1986 at an age … well, roughly that of Coltrane. Since that day, their performance in this epic meta-feature film has been nothing short of outstanding.… Read more

12 September

Are Drax and Matt Moran the same person?


matt-moran and Drax

Breaking news for fans of larrikin celebrity chefs and tattooed alien outlaws: it turns out Aria‘s Matt Moran, recent recipient of a rare five star review from Time Out, and Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Drax have never been seen in the same room together. Is that really Drax wrangling lambs on the Moran family farm, or is that Matt Moran fighting space crime?

The real question, of course, is who is Sydney’s Groot?



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